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Accessing or Disclosing your PHI (Private Health Information)

Family Physicians of O'Fallon strictly adheres to your right to privacy. Your PHI (Private Health Information) is protected by HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), a federal law which went into effect April 14, 2003. For more information see our Privacy Notice.

Requesting Your Medical Records:

  1. All persons must give written consent for the disclosure or access to their medical record. While HIPAA does not always require a specific written authorization, Family Physicians of O'Fallon requests this for your protection.
  2. Adults over the age of 18 must give written consent for themselves; unless:

    a. Immediate transfer of medical information is requested for a covered entity, (i.e., covered health insurance company, covered medical facility or provider for continuity of care, and covered public health facilities.)

    b. Documentation of patient's medical power of attorney is provided showing that a spouse, parent or other person may obtain this PHI (Private health information). In this instance, written consent must be obtained from the above stated.

    c. Patient is deceased; therefore, a death certificate and/or document indicating executor of will are required.

  3. HIPAA allows 30 days processing time for the disclosure of your medical record; however, Family Physicians of O'Fallon can process most requests within 10 business days or less, if necessary.
  4. The amount a physician or facility can charge for copying medical records in the state of Illinois is limited. Family Physicians of O'Fallon follows the fee schedule established by state law. In some cases, a prepayment is required.

Requesting a FORM to be completed by medical personnel:

  1. Specific written request is required by HIPAA. (See above). You will be asked to complete an authorization form when you drop off your FORM for completion.
  2. Processing time can take between 2-4 weeks. Although we strive to meet the time requirements of each and every request, some forms entail additional research and/or documentation requiring special attention. Please be patient as accuracy and thoroughness are essential.
  3. A fee of $10 per page is charged for completion of forms. This is to cover the administrative costs involved in processing your request.

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